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Ivy & Oak

Lamb Box

Lamb Box

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Ethically sourced Tasmanian grass fed lamb gently air dried to create a delicious & nutritious treat.  Packed full of vitamins and protein, low in fat and zero nasties! Our grass fed lamb treats are the perfect guilt-free treat for your best friend.

No added colours, flavours, preservatives, sugar or salt. 



Meat 50g

Lung 50g

Liver 50g

2x Furry Lamb Ear

2x pieces of Trachea


Ingredients:  100% Grass Fed Lamb

Each batch of our delicious treats are personally checked by Checkers, Bonnie & Ocean for optimum freshness and deliciousness. All of our treats will maintain their perfection for 12 months from the date of purchase.  Please re-seal the bag and store in a cool dry place.

Please note our larger bags are slightly different to the ones pictured.

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